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Requisition Number 17-0018
Post Date 11/2/2017
Title Registered Nurse-Residential
City Rochester
Description Working under the direct administrative supervision of the Operations Manager, the Residential Nurse is responsible for the delivery, coordination and maintenance of all health related and medical services for residents as directed by their Primary Care Physician and in accordance with the Director of Community Services and/or Medical Director. In conjunction with the Residence Manager, the Residential Nurse is also responsible for implementing, reviewing and maintaining programmatic health and safety procedures. In addition, the Residential Nurse oversees the Medication Administration practices of the AMAP staff and maintains staff training in health related areas.

Physically examines and determines health status for all residents upon admission, on a regular basis and as needed.

Is available to staff, when possible, on an on-call basis for triage purposes and notifications. Coordinates with the other Residential Nurses and Operations Manager when not available due to vacation, etc.

Maintains accurate and up-to-date health information files on all residents.

Develops and maintains appropriate written general and resident-specific Plans of Nursing Services as dictated by OPWDD regulations.

Initially, and then annually thereafter, assess each resident’s ability to self medicate and develop appropriate objectives in this area according to skill level.

Develops and updates specific medication information.

Coordinates the dental and clinic services, makes service reports in the resident’s medical chart, and maintains effective communication with the PCP and all Specialists that are involved in the health care of each resident.

Accompanies residents to clinic and dental visits as needed. Works with the Residence Manager to ensure appropriate staffing levels for all appointments. Shares all necessary information with direct care staff and the ITT as a result of any medical appointment.

Is available for hospitalization discharges of all residents, when possible. Works with the other RNs and/or Residence Manager to coordinate RN coverage when not available.

Reviews and records monthly doctors’ orders, reviews and prepares monthly MAR sheets including controlled drug sheets, home med sheets and key transfer.

Administers medically prescribed medications to the residents.

In conjunction with all Residential Nurses, provides for the teaching of the NYS OPWDD Medication Administration Course to appropriate residential staff.

Oversees AMAPs in medication administration responsibilities. Provides medication administration re-certification to all AMAPs on an annual basis.

In conjunction with the Residence Manager, follows up on all medication errors as dictated by Agency policy.

Maintains medical cabinet with all medically approved medications, supplies and equipment as per OPWDD regulations.

Maintains ongoing and effective communication with the nursing staff at each resident’s school/day program. Provide and accurately record any medications for school/day programs with school/day program nursing staff.

Participates on the Residential Interdisciplinary Team to establish, implement and maintain appropriate therapeutic programming for all residents.

Attends all case reviews, provides written reports on the progress of each resident.

Attends and participates in all team/program meetings and other meetings as requested. Works with the Residence Manager and QIDP to schedule and provide in-service training sessions for residential staff as dictated by OPWDD regulations. Specifically responsible to see that direct care residential staff receive training in detecting signs of illness or dysfunction that warrant medical or nursing intervention, basic skills required to meet the health needs of the residents, first aid and other health related areas.

Monitors control of communicable diseases and infections, through identification and assessment, reporting to medical authorities, and implementation of appropriate protective and preventative measures.

In conjunction with the Residential RNs and Operations Manager, develop and maintain all necessary medical, health and safety protocols and procedures as dictated by OPWDD regulations.

In conjunction with the Residence Manager, ensure that all medical, health and safety procedures are implemented as written.

Participates as an active member of the Residential Safety Committee.

Reviews all Incident reports and provides necessary medical attention and follow-up to injuries.

In conjunction with the Residential Manager, oversee and direct the HS II Medical Liaison.

Monitors and maintains accurate data on staff required health testing mandated by the Department of Health.

Maintains CPR and First Aid Instructor certification, as requested by the Director of Community Services.
Requirements Bachelor’s degree (B.S.) from a four year college or university in Nursing. Certified by New York State as a Registered Nurse. One to two years related experience and/or training is preferred. Experience with individuals with developmental disabilities is desired.

Must maintain New York State Registered Nurse Licensure, Agency-Approved Driver status, certification in CPR, First Aid, SCIP-r and all other training mandated by OPWDD regulations. Must obtain OPWDD Nursing Certification.

Must have the ability and temperament to work effectively with youth and young adults who have developmental disabilities. Must be able to work alone and in a team oriented environment, possess strong communication skills including communicating effectively amongst staff, exhibit patience, be an effective trainer, etc.

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